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Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Rallye S2

This rust free gem was recently brought in from Italy where it was rallied, being registered within the GT category of the Auto Club D'Italia and further as a Historic Vehicle with the Historic Club of Italy in 2017. We found the car suffering from running issues, inefficient brakes, clutch pedal issue and being shod with old and ineffective tyres. Brakes: The corners were stripped and the callipers found to be seizing. These were sent to be re-conditioned. The master cylinder, servo and depression valve again were inefficient and have been replaced with new. The clutch cable was sticking and replaced with the pedal spring inside the footwell as well as was the clutch lever return spring on the gearbox. A new exhaust silencer support bracket was fitted. The car suffered from bad starting and running. Ignition and carbonation were both checked, found to be inefficient as was the throttle linkage. We put the car on the rolling road and were unhappy with its performance. Namely the low performance of the Solex carbs and the ignition. We fitted an electronic 123 ignition and coil, Magnicor 8mm ignition leads, plugs and replaced the carbs with a reconditioned set of Weber 42 DCOE 24 carbs (a factory option when new) and manifold (all to period). A high pressure fuel pump, throttle cable and linkage were fitted also. The car was put to the rolling road again this time performing to expected standards. A set of five new Pirelli CN36 Cinturato tyres were then fitted thus conforming to period.
The car is about ready to be offered for sale at £23,000.

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