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Selling your performance or classic car can lead to much time being spent in preparation,

advertising, talking to potential buyers as well as making time to demonstrate the car, and then

there’s the negotiation. Using our brokerage service means we will work with you to sell your car for a fixed fee or on a commission basis.




​Buying your car can be a minefield, often time consuming and exhausting. Also, you may wish to

take advice and let us do the donkey work for you. Once you have decided on your preferred make

and model, we will search the market for a vehicle that pleases you, we will negotiate the terms on

your behalf and should the purchase be successful, organise it’s delivery to your doorstep.


Due to workshop expansion we are temporally unable to offer this service.

Based at Scottow Enterprise Park, a secure location with 24 hour guard on a gated entrance. Our facility is also alarmed. We offer two levels of service:

The 4 Star which includes covering the car, battery connection to a trickle charger, fortnightly we will start the engine and running it to operating temperature and rotate the wheels monthly.

The Premium allows you to leave your car with us. You must provide a fitted car cover and drip tray.

In both cases we insist you inform your insurance company your vehicle is in our care,

and cover all risks including theft, fire and accidental damage.





We are independent

PORSCHE specialists

servicing all models.

We also work with other performance cars offering a bespoke service to your requirements. 


We offer a restoration  & rebuilding service, and lightweight conversion for road and track for Porsche.



Please contact us to discuss how we may help you. 

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