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Lancia Fulvia S2 1.3





5 speed


Rosso Corsa / Nero




17250 Km


Documentation that accompanies the car shows it was imported from Italy in 2017 where it was registered and competed with the Auto Club D'Italia (204782-P1), competing within the GT category. In 2015 it was also registered with the Historic Club of Italy. The car was imported and registered with the DVLA as an Historic Vehicle on 1st May 2017. We found the car suffering from running issues, inefficient brakes, clutch pedal issue and it was shod with old tyres. The brakes were stripped and the callipers found to be seizing. These were reconditioned. The master cylinder, servo and depression valve were also inefficient and were replaced. The clutch cable was replaced along with the pedal spring (footwell) & the clutch lever return spring. Silencer support fitted. We put the car to the rolling road and were unhappy with the performance of the Solex carbs and the delivery of the spark. We fitted a pair of reconditioned Weber 42 DCOE carbs with manifold (all to period as they were a factory option when new), high pressure fuel pump, 123 electronic ignition, coil, Magnicor 8mm leads, throttle cable and linkage. When again put on the rolling road a significant improvement was gained but still not happy we sourced and fitted camshafts. We then fitted a set of 5 Pirelli Centurato CN36 tyres to conform to period. The car is fitted with a Digitech Zephyr digital rally trip meter, hydraulic "fly off" hand brake, interior and interior battery cut off switches, 2 sets of twin spotlights, towing eyes from & rear and in-period bucket seats with 4 point harness. Having a competition past the car will be of great interest to collectors and those Gentle Drivers of the rally scene. We are advertising the car only, the owner will conduct the sale.

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