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Tommy Kaira ZZ SER





5 Speed manual







For Sale

The Tommy Kaira ZZ is recognised worldwide by its inclusion in Sony’s Play Station Gran Turismo 2 Race game. The cars were built in Norfolk under licence for Tommy Kaira (THE Japanese tuning specialists) of Japan during the 1990’s.

Of the 257 built all but 6 were exported to Japan where they are still today considered an iconic car. Of those six, one was crash tested, one exported to the US, one is in original condition in private ownership, one unmodified car was successfully raced by Jack Towler in the 750 Clubs Roadsports, one was used as a development car by Breckland Technology an

Of all the cars built the ZZ SE-R (Special Equipment - Race) is the only car to be fully developed as a high performance race car and was featured in Motorsport magazine.

History: Production of the ZZ ceased in 1999 when the Japanese economy was in recession and the Yen crashed against the US Dollar. Breckland Technology bought the rights and continued development but never put the model into production as Tommy Kaira pushed forward the development of the ZZ2. Our ZZ was acquired by one of the development engineers and subsequently mothballed.

Performance & Classic Cars Chief Executive John Timewell after racing against Jacks car concluded that a ZZ specifically built for racing would be very successful on circuit, purchased the donor car and re-engineered it creating the ZZ SE-R weighing in at 780kg.

In brief: The car was stripped leaving only the alloy tub, front and rear space frames and the basic GRP body. Then:-

Suspension: Front: Fully adjustable top and bottom wishbones, Willwood callipers and discs

Rear: Fully adjustable top and bottom wishbones, Willwood callipers and di discs

Wheels: Two sets (slicks and wets): Team Dynamics Pro Race: Front 16”. Rear 17”

Dampers: Avo double adjustable coil over with spherical mounts

Engine: Nissan SR20. Two litre

Billet Crank etc. Jenvy throttle bodies with Emerald MD3K ECU.

+ 270 BHP @ 8000rpm on the bench.

Built by: Graham Dale Jones of IES Racing Engines. This is the same engine that Graham designed and built for RJN's (see below) Nissan Primera’s that won both British and European Touring Car Championships during the mid to late 1990’s. IES went on to build the Nissan V6 for RJN (see below) and then the V8 which our John Timewell promoted into the Le Mans LMP2 and United States series.

Gear box: Built by Bob Neville’s RJN Motorsport. RJN ran the British and European teams for the above series, the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 Europe and worldwide for Playstations GT Academy winners and for 2019 has teamed with Jensen Button (Jenson Team Rocket RJN) to run the Honda NSX GT3 Evo in the Blancepain Endurance Series.

Other: Acusump, brake bias, exterior water pump, rear carbon wing to chassis, flat floor. Other body work included roof with pressured/direct airflow to air throttle bodies, windows, front and side skirts, rear wing to chassis, full roll cage etc. etc.

Included in the sale will be the original engine, gearbox and a multitude of spares.

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